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How much does a moving company in Basel cost in 2024?

The price of moving in Basel varies depending on the size of the move, distance and additional services. The prices can vary from 520 CHF till 7430 CHF based on number of rooms, number or furniture units to move, access to the building, number of floors, if you have a lift or not and etc. So, to move a small move within the same city can be cheaper, while larger and more complex moves are more expensive.
For detailed pricing and more information, please visit a website of a moving company in Basel Classic Umzüge. Receive a free moving quote now.

Prices of moves in Basel in 2024. How much does it cost to hire a professional moving company in Basel.
Prices of moves in Basel in 2024. How much does it cost to hire a professional moving company in Basel.

How much does a move cost in Basel?

The costs for a move in Basel depend on various factors, such as the number and weight of the furniture, the need for disassembly, is there a lift in a house, and the building’s accessibility. Typically, moving expenses can range from CHF 700 to CHF 5,200, depending on the specific requirements of the move.

How much does a moving company cost in Switzerland?

Here we consider some examples of how much does a move cost with furniture dismantling and assembly. Check approximate prices of Moves in Basel.

Number of RoomsMoving size volumeAverage price (CHF)*
1-1½15 m³495.5
3-3½35 m³1,538
4-4½45 m³2,218.5
5½-665 m³4,110
How much does a moving company cost in Switzerland? Prices of moves in Basel.

* Keep in mind that these are approximate prices for moves in Basel. They can vary +/- 25%. There are other factors that can affect the price such as lift, access to your house, furniture disassembly, weight of furniture. If you want to receive a price for your move in Basel, send en enquiry.

What is the average cost of a local move for a 3 bedroom house in Basel?

An overview of typical cost of move of a 3-rooms apartment in Basel within 50 km. An example of prices for a move in Basel for 3 bedroom house.

Cost TypePrice Range (CHF)
Professional Move CHF 650-1,540
End-of-tenancy cleaningCHF 790-1,110
Total Professional MoveCHF 1,585-2,030*
How much does a move cost in Basel? Moves in Basel, prices.
* (with potential 5-10% discount for cleaning, if you do it with the same company)

How much is it to move myself in Basel?

Cost TypePrice Range (CHF)
Hire a removal van99-303
Fuel costs for your own car (3 trips)123-153
End-of-tenancy cleaningFree or cleaning materials only
Total cost (excluding moving boxes and other materials)140-354
How much is it to move myself in Basel? Moves in Basel, prices.

These are the main costs, further you will also have some additional or hidden costs. Examples are listed bellow.

Additional Costs

Additional Cost TypePrice Range (CHF)
Tenant damageVaries (depends on damage)
Disposal costsCHF 50-300+
DepositTypically higher for expensive apartments
Parking for vanVaries
Moving boxesCHF 202 for a 3-room apartment (20 boxes per room)
Material costsVaries (e.g., plastic wrap, tools)
Costs for a self move in Basel

Hiring professional movers cost estimates in Basel

An example of prices of moves in Basel. Note that there are a lot of factors involved that can affect the price. Contact a moving company in Basel Classic Umzüge for your unique moving quote.

Apartment SizeEstimated Cost (CHF)
1-room apartmentUp to CHF 670
2-room apartmentUp to CHF 890
3-room apartmentUp to CHF 1,120
4-room apartmentUp to CHF 2,220
5-room apartmentUp to CHF 2,510
Hiring Professional Movers: Cost Estimates

Can you deduct moving from your taxes in Switzerland?

According to Federal Administration’s Information, yes, in Switzerland, you can deduct certain moving expenses from your taxes if the move is related to changing jobs or for business reasons. Deductible expenses may include transportation costs, moving company fees, and end-of-tenancy cleaning. It’s essential to keep all receipts and documentation to support your claim. Always check with a tax advisor or refer to the latest guidelines from the Swiss Federal Tax Administration to ensure compliance and to understand which expenses are eligible.

When to book a moving company?

It’s recommended to book a moving company at least two months in advance. This timeframe ensures availability, especially during peak moving seasons such as summer and the end of the month. Booking early allows time for comparing quotes, organizing the logistics of the move, and addressing any special requirements you might have. Additionally, it provides a cushion for unforeseen changes or adjustments. Always confirm the booking closer to the moving date to avoid any last-minute issues.

Receive a price for a move in Basel now

Are you planning to move in Basel? We will be glad to assist you. Check our moving offers in Basel. Send an enquiry online and we will calculate the price for you. Don’t worry, it is free and without any obligation. Start planning your move well in advance and book a mover as soon as possible to avoid oversold dates.

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