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Your Ultimate Checklist for Moving to Basel: Everything You Need to Know

Relocating to Basel? Our ultimate checklist covers everything you need for a smooth move. From handling paperwork to finding your new home, we guide you through each step. Learn how to register, understand essential services, and adapt to your new life in Basel. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-prepared to start your exciting journey in one of Switzerland’s most vibrant cities.

Moving to a new city can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when that city is Basel, known for its vibrant culture, beautiful scenery, and high quality of life. At moving company in Basel Classic Umzüge, we’ve helped countless individuals and families relocate smoothly. Here’s a detailed checklist to ensure your move to Basel is as stress-free as possible.

Checklist for Moving to Basel
Essential checklist for moving to Basel.

Essential Documents to Prepare

Before you pack your bags, ensure all your documents are in order. Regardless of your origin, there are essential documents you’ll need to present. Our Umzugsfirma in Basel Classic Umzüge carefully prepared a list of up-to-date documents required for the current year:

  1. Passport and Visa: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months. Check if you need a visa to enter Switzerland.
  2. Residence Permit: Apply for your residence permit within 14 days of arrival.
  3. Work Contract: If you’re moving for work, keep your employment contract handy.
  4. Rental Agreement: You’ll need proof of residence to register in Basel.
  5. Health Insurance: Did you know that all residents must have Swiss health insurance? Arrange this within three months of arriving.
  6. Bank Account Details: Open a Swiss bank account to manage your finances more easily.

Finding Your New Home in Basel

Finding the perfect place to live in Basel is crucial. Here are some tips from our experience at moving company in Basel Classic Umzüge:

  1. Research Neighborhoods: Basel has many distinct neighborhoods. Kleinbasel is known for its vibrant nightlife, while Grossbasel offers a quieter, more residential feel.
  2. Temporary Accommodation: Consider short-term rentals while you search for a permanent home.
  3. Rental Listings: Websites like Comparis and Homegate are great resources for finding rental properties.
  4. Viewing Appointments: Schedule multiple viewings and be prepared with questions about utilities, lease terms, and amenities.

Registering in Basel

Once you’ve secured your accommodation, registering with the local authorities is the next step. Learn German, it will make your life easier. While many officials speak English, having a basic understanding of German or French can be helpful.

  1. Visit the Einwohneramt: You must register at the Basel Einwohneramt (resident’s office) within 14 days of moving in.
  2. Required Documents: Bring your passport, visa, residence permit, rental agreement, and passport photos.
  3. Registration Fee: Be prepared to pay a small registration fee.

Setting Up Essential Services

To feel at home in Basel, you’ll need to set up essential services:

  1. Utilities: Set up electricity, gas, and water through local providers.
  2. Internet and TV: Compare deals from providers like Swisscom and UPC.
  3. Mobile Phone: Choose a mobile plan that suits your needs. Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt are popular choices.
  4. Public Transportation: Get a Swiss Travel Pass or a regional travel card for seamless travel around the city.

Navigating Healthcare in Basel

Switzerland has an excellent healthcare system, and it’s mandatory to have health insurance. Here’s how to navigate it:

  1. Health Insurance: Choose a plan within three months of arriving. Comparis is a useful site for comparing options.
  2. Register with a Doctor: Find a general practitioner (GP) in your area. Recommendations from colleagues or online reviews can be helpful.
  3. Emergency Services: Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers and the nearest hospital.

Schooling and Childcare

If you’re moving with children, education and childcare are top priorities:

  1. Public vs. Private Schools: Public schools are excellent and free, but there are also numerous private and international schools.
  2. Daycare: Register early for daycare as spaces can be limited. Websites like Babysitting24 can help you find childcare options.
  3. Extracurricular Activities: Basel offers various activities for children, from sports clubs to music lessons.

Real-Life Case of Moving to Basel

Here are a few examples of how others have navigated their move to Basel:

  1. Sara moved to Basel from Zurich:
    • Key Points: Using professional movers, handling paperwork, exploring neighborhoods.
    • “Moving from Zurich to Basel was a big step for me. I hired moving company in Basel Classic Umzüge to help with the logistics, and it made a world of difference. They handled all my belongings with care, and I didn’t have to worry about anything getting lost or damaged. Once in Basel, registering at the Einwohneramt was straightforward thanks to their detailed checklist. I also took the time to explore different neighborhoods before settling in Kleinbasel, which has a fantastic nightlife scene.”
  2. John’s relocation for work:
    • Key Points: Opening a Swiss bank account, securing health insurance, finding accommodation.
    • “I moved from the UK to Basel for a job opportunity at a pharmaceutical company. One of the first things I did was open a Swiss bank account, which simplified all my financial transactions. Then, I used Comparis to find a suitable health insurance plan, as having insurance is mandatory here. Finding accommodation was a bit tricky, but I eventually found a great place in Grossbasel. Having moving company in Basel Classic Umzüge help with my move ensured that everything went smoothly.”
  3. The Smith family’s relocation from the US:
    • Key Points: School enrollment, setting up utilities, joining expat groups.
    • “Moving our family from the US to Basel was a daunting task, but moving company in Basel Classic Umzüge made it manageable. We prioritized enrolling our kids in school, and the public schools here are excellent. Setting up utilities like electricity and internet was straightforward once we knew which providers to contact. Joining expat groups on platforms like Expatica helped us connect with other families and make new friends quickly.”

Additional Tips for a Smooth Registration in Basel

  1. Learn Basic German: It will help you in daily interactions and with official paperwork.
  2. Join Expat Groups: Websites like Expatica and Meetup have groups that can help you meet new people and settle in faster.
  3. Explore the City: Basel has a lot to offer, from cultural events to beautiful parks. Take time to explore and enjoy your new home.

To Wrap It Up about Moving to Basel

Relocating to Basel is an exciting journey, and with the right preparation, it can be a smooth and enjoyable experience. At moving company in Basel Classic Umzüge, we’re here to help you every step of the way. From handling essential documents to finding your new home, our comprehensive checklist ensures you won’t miss a thing. If you need a move, our Umzugsfirma in Basel Classic Umzüge can help you. Send us an inquiry and we will send you a free moving quote without obligation.


  • What documents do I need to move to Basel?
    • You need a valid passport, visa, residence permit, work contract, rental agreement, and health insurance proof.
  • How do I find a place to live in Basel?
    • Research neighborhoods, use rental websites like Comparis, and schedule viewings.
  • How do I register in Basel?
    • Visit the Einwohneramt with your documents and pay the registration fee.
  • What health insurance do I need?
    • Choose a plan within three months of arrival. Use Comparis to compare options.
  • What are the best schools in Basel?
    • Basel offers excellent public, private, and international schools. Register early for your preferred choice.

By following this checklist, your move to Basel can be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Welcome to your new home!

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